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Today's Jeffersonians are those who believe in America's Founding Principles. That they are as relevant today as they were then. That the Principles of Liberty are Timeless in their Application. That they are to be "Preserved and Protected" and not Changed..... That hey should be followed as Intended in Our Nation's Constitutions in Good Faith so Help Us God !!

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Q: Who are jeffersonians today?
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Which group of Americans supported France in its war with England?

The Jeffersonians.

What did the Jeffersonians put their faith into?

Democracy and the constitution.

What are the two major political parites in Poland?

jeffersonians and hamiltonians.

Who were the hamiltonians and who were the jeffersonians?

Hamiltonians were the people who supported Alexander Hamilton and jeffersonians were the people who supported Jefferson and Madison. Hamilton wanted the other states who had finished paying off their debts to help the other states who hadn't paid of their debts, and he also supported the creation of the national bank, which he believed would greatly help the government. Basically the jeffersonians disagreed with this.

When the jeffersonians gained power in congress they immediately repealed?

the excise tax on whiskey

Who were the first parties?

The Federalists and the Anti-Federalists who later became known as the Jeffersonians.

Political groups argued that the US must always remain a rural agricultural nation?


Jeffersonians had a vision of the new nation as?

a republican society built upon an agrarian empire and farmer citizens

What is the same in the Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians?

Both Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians were prominent political factions during the early years of the United States. They both played significant roles in shaping the country's political landscape, with Hamiltonians favoring a strong central government and an economy based on industry and commerce, while Jeffersonians favored a more decentralized government and an agrarian-based economy. Despite their differences, both groups shared a commitment to the principles of democracy and the success of the new nation.

Who was the president of three votes?

The term was used by Jeffersonians to describe negatively John Quincy Adams, who was a Federalist, or the then Republican

What view did the political parties of the US take on the French Revolution?

Washington was unhappy about it but the Jeffersonians supported the French Revolution.

What are subgroups of libertarians?

Their are Objectivists, Anarcho-Capitalists, followers of Friedmen, Jeffersonians, Aristolians,and Philosophes. Their are probably a lot more options then that.