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Many jazz singers are know to have come from New Orleans. Some famous jazz singers are, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Hartman, Frank Sinatra, and Ella Fitzgerald.

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Q: Who are some famous jazz singers?
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Who are some famous woman jazz singers of the 1920s?

There were no female jazz singers in the 1920's, only blues singers. There was however one male jazz singer, Louis Armstrong.

What are some famous 1930's jazz singers?

Some famous jazz/blues singers from the 1930's areBessie SmithBillie HolidayFats WallerCab CallowayJelly Roll MortonGertrude "Ma" Rainey ...... andLouis Armstrong

Famous singers of 1920?

some famous singers during the 1920s were Bessie smith Louis Armstrong Ida cox amd al jolson they were all around 30 at this time and were famous jazz singers

Who are the 21st century famous jazz singers?

Michael Buble

Who was influenced by jazz?

black people were the ones to bring jazz to the united states try googling famous jazz singers and youll get them

When was The Jazz Singers created?

The Jazz Singers was created in 1919.

Why was Billie Holiday famous?

She is one of the best, and most famous, female Jazz singers of all time.

Who are famous female jazz singers?

dinah Washington ella Fitzgerald billie holiday

Why do jazz songs don't have lyrics?

Many jazz songs have lyrics. Famous jazz singers like Sara Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald had long careers as singers. However, most jazz groups don't have a singer, so the melody is played by an instrument.

Who were some famous singers in the 1970s?

name some singers from the 1970s

Who are famous 1920s jazz singers?

Here is an article from Wikipedia listing some of the most popular songs and artists of the 1920s aka: Roaring Twenties.List of 1920s jazz standards

What are some jazz singers names?

Seasick steave David Burns

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