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The main character is Matilda (Mattie) Cook. Other minor characters are her grandfather, her mother, Eliza, Nathaniel Benson, Nell, Joseph, Silas (the cat), Robert and William, Mother Smith, Mrs. Flagg, and Mrs. Bowles.

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Q: Who are the characters of fever 1973?
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What are the main characters in the book fever 1973?

The main characters in the book "Fever 1973" are Mattie, a teenage girl struggling with her identity and relationships; Lucas, Mattie's charismatic and reckless boyfriend; and Nick, Mattie's older brother who tries to protect her from their dysfunctional family dynamics. The story follows their intertwined lives and the challenges they face during the heatwave of 1973.

When was Coast to Coast Fever created?

Coast to Coast Fever was created in 1973-03.

What caused the characters blindness?

by a scarret fever

Who are the characters in the book chocolate fever?

i dont have any idea of who are the characters

Where can I find questions and answers for the book Fever 1973?

google your questions

What are the logos ethos and pathos in Fever 1793?

In "Fever 1793," logos is present in the factual information about the yellow fever epidemic. Ethos is conveyed through the credibility of the historical context and characters' actions. Pathos is seen in the emotional impact of the epidemic on the characters and the reader.

What is this balloon a symbol of for Mattie in fever 1973?

The balloon is a symbol of the prosperity and hope Philadelphia was experiencing prior to the Yellow Fever epidemic.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wednesday Night Fever - 2013?

The cast of Wednesday Night Fever - 2013 includes: Dave Eastgate as Various Characters Anne Edmonds as Various Characters Heath Franklin as Various Characters Robin Goldsworthy as Various Characters Paul McCarthy as Various Characters Genevieve Morris as Various Characters Gus Murray as Will Windsor

What actors and actresses appeared in Lily - 1973?

The cast of Lily - 1973 includes: Alan Alda as Various Characters Bill Gerber as Various Characters Judith Kahan as Various Characters Richard Pryor as Juke Felix Silla as Baby

What is the atmosphere of the book fever 1793?

"Fever 1793" has a tense and suspenseful atmosphere as it follows characters navigating the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia. The book conveys a sense of urgency, fear, and uncertainty as the characters struggle to survive in the midst of a deadly epidemic. It also captures the desperation and chaos that result from a city in crisis.

What are the main characters of the book diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever?

greg is as it is his diary

Who are the main characters in the goosbumps the werewolf of fever swamp?

The main characters are Grady and Emily. There was also Will, Mr. and Mrs. Tucker, Wolf, Cassie and the swamp hermit.