Who killed Cornwallis?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Cornwallis died of a fever on October 5th, 1805 in Ghazipur, India.

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Q: Who killed Cornwallis?
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What were the names of Charles Cornwallis's parents?

willa cornwallis and washington cornwallis

Is Charles Cornwallis lord Cornwallis?


What was Lord Cornwallis' real name?

Charles Cornwallis

General Cornwallis's full name?

Charles Cornwallis.

Where did Cornwallis surrenderd?

Cornwallis Surrendered at Yorktown

When did Cubah Cornwallis die?

Cubah Cornwallis died in 1848.

When did Thomas Cornwallis die?

Thomas Cornwallis died in 1675.

When was Thomas Cornwallis born?

Thomas Cornwallis was born in 1605.

When was Oswald Cornwallis born?

Oswald Cornwallis was born in 1894.

When did Oswald Cornwallis die?

Oswald Cornwallis died in 1974.

When was Cornwallis Stakes created?

Cornwallis Stakes was created in 1946.

When did Jane Cornwallis die?

Jane Cornwallis died in 1659.