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George W. Bush, John Quincy Adams, Rutherford G. Hayes, and Benjamin Harrison. All lost the popular vote but won the electoral college vote and became President.

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Q: Who are the four presidents who have attained the highest office in the US without the backing of the majority of the people?
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What presidents had the highest military rank?

Given that the highest rank possible in the US Military is Commander-in-Chief, and that the Commander-in-Chief is the President, they all held the highest rank possible. THE ABOVE answer I found here is incorrect. The Commander-in-Chief position is civilian, not military. The whole point of making the president C-in-C is to have civilian control of the military, unlike in other countries in the 18th century whose military did not answer to the government. The president is not a member of the military. I am told George Washington was the only six star general in history (before being president, of course), but I have not checked.

Governors have all in common with presidents except?

Governors are nearly like a president in regards to the fact that they are the highest government official in a certain area. However the president is in charge of a country, and a governor is in charge of a state.

How were presidents originally chosen under the constitution?

The electors would each cast votes for two separate candidates. The votes would be tallied, and the President would be the candidate with the greatest number of votes, while the candidate with the second highest total would become Vice President. However, the President had to have a simple majority of the votes cast, or the election would be decided in the House of Representatives. Under the 12th Amendment (1804), electors would identify one vote for President and one for Vice President, normally ensuring that both would be elected from the same party.

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Hawaii does not have it's own president, however being a part of the United States of America, their current president is Barack Obama. Hawaii's highest independent position is their State Governor.

Who is over the president of the United States?

The president is the highest elected official, followed by the vice president, then the Senate and House of Representatives, the Supreme Court is on the same level of the Senate. However the United States government by design has a balance of powers, so there isn't a single highest power in all circumstances. Presidents for instance aren't above the law, and can be called before congress or the Supreme court through the process of impeachment.

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