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Q: Who are the last Indians to maintain organized resistance against white encroachment?
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What role did the US Government have in the Battle of the Little Bighorn?

The government, at the time, had a policy if harsh treatment of the American Indians. They wanted expansion of whites into lands the Indians lived in. The government organized the Army and put Custer in the positin to do what he didl

What were the details and outcomes of the treaties negotiated between the first four presidents and the Indian nations?

The first four presidents made many treaties with Indian nation that had many effects and outcomes on Americans. In 1830 Congress passed the Indian Removal Act that allowed the president to make treaties with Native Americans. Although this law did not allow president Jackson to remove the Indians by force he did. This resulted in many protests over the treatment of Indians. Despite the Indian resistance Jackson had managed to push the Indians and further conflict across the Mississippi.

What did the Indians do at the missions?

The INDIANS worked very hard?

Did Indians fight in the Revolutionary War?

Yes, Native Americans fought in the American Revolution. Some remained neutral, but others chose whether to fight for the British or the colonials. The majority favored the British side because they had promised a halt to further English encroachment on Native American land past the Appalachian Mountains. The Americans, however, wished to expand their territory against Britain's wish and saw the Native Americans as nothing more than Britain's savages for also wanting their expansion to stop.

Are there more Indians or Chinese in the world?

Chinese But people say spoon theree will be more Indians

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What event in 1890 marked the end of organized Indians resistance to white control?

wounded knee

What did the Cheyenne Indians have to do with the OregonTrail?

They resisted European encroachment.

What caused the encroachment of white settlement and the violation of treaties with Indians?

because they thought you were ugly

What is the Cheyenne known for?

The Cheyenne became nomadic buffalo hunters after migrating to the Great Plains in the 18th century and figured prominently in the resistance by Plains Indians to white encroachment.

What was the New England Indians only hope for resisting English encroachment?

Intertribal unity against the English.

Metacom's goal is waging war against the settlers?

To have intertribal unity in order for the Indians to resist English encroachment.

The Society of American Indians was?

the first organized native american group

Are Lumbee those Indians that married whites to avoid the trail of tears?

No. Lumees are a community of Indians who are also part African and part European in ancestry. In the past they lived in extremely remote, swampy regions to avoid encroachment by non-Natives.

Why did chief Joseph of the nez perce Indians advise his people to surrender?

Resistance was hoopeless Resistance was simply too impossibly hopeless for them.

What methods did Indians under Gandhi to resist British rule?

he used passive resistance

Which planter organized an army of western Virginian settlers and attacked American Indians on the frontier?

Nathaniel Bacon

Who assisted the French in their attempt to maintain control of the Ohio Valley?

The Iroquois Indians