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I would imagine that the people who wanted the Wealthy, Educated & Well-bred to be the government were the Wealthy, Educated & Well-bred. Who would want to be goverend by Poor, Thick Bastards ? & I am Lolling ! I hope this makes you smile ! An apparrently more useful answer is Alexander Hamilton. (Repostofarepost)

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Q: Who believed the wealthy educated and well-bred should govern the US?
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What is a federalist form of government?

Central power and less authorities

What group favored the constitution and wrote a series of papers to encourage the states to ratify it?

The Federalists. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalists so they were also known as the Hamiltonians. They believed in a strong central government. They thought that the best people to govern were the well educated and the wealthy people, the people that had higher social status. Federalists believed in a strong central government so that the nation could be more organized and so that the states would be following the same basic rules. Federalists were strong supporters of the Constitution and wrote papers to inform people why it should be ratified.

Why did Plato disagree with democracy?

Plato believed that democracy led to the tyranny of the majority, where people's decisions were driven by passions and ignorance rather than reason and expertise. He thought that only a small, educated elite should govern society to ensure the best outcomes for all.

Aristotle can people be trust to govern?

Plato believed that people could not be trusted to govern themselves. Since Aristotle studied under him, he has acquired this belief as well. He believed that democracy is the best system of government.

What bad things did john Locke do?

about nothing, he was a good man, believed that men were able to govern themselves, and believed in an absolute democracy.

What was Socrates ideal of government?

Socrates believed in a government led by philosopher-kings, individuals who had wisdom and knowledge to govern justly and ethically. He thought that rulers should prioritize the common good over personal gain, and that citizens should be educated to understand and participate in the political process.

Did john Locke believe tha people can be trusted to govern?

John Locke believed that people could be trusted to govern. He believed that people had the right to life, liberty, and property. He said that people should have a word in who should be governing them !

What was alexanders views on how the constitution should be interpreted?

Hamilton believed that the federal government could do as they needed to govern the country. He believed in a loose interpretation of the Constitution.

What was Alexander Hamilton's views on how the Constitution should be interpreted?

Hamilton believed that the federal government could do as they needed to govern the country. He believed in a loose interpretation of the Constitution.

Who believed that they should govern themselves without interference from the national government?

anything u ask is not important

Who did Plato believe was the best suited to govern?

Plato believed that the best individuals to govern a society were philosopher-kings, who possessed both a love for wisdom and a deep understanding of the truth. He argued that only those who have knowledge of the Good can govern justly and effectively.

What did Aristotle believe that people should use to govern their lives?

Aristotle believed that people should use reason and virtuous character to govern their lives. He argued that individuals should aim for a balance between extremes, or the "golden mean," in their actions and decisions in order to achieve happiness and lead a good life.