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The people who ruled and established the city of Tenochtitlan were the Aztecs. They are also known as the mexica people, which where the name Mexico comes from.

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The Mayans built their temples in the Mexico areas.

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Originally the Azteks

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Q: Who built the Mexican pyramids?
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The Mexican pyramids were built by the?

The AZTEC People.

What Mexican Indian civilization developed a writing system and built great pyramids?


What are three cultures that built pyramids?

Mayan civilizations built pyramids at present-day southern Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco, and the Yucatán Peninsula. They mostly lived on the high areas of the land and built their structures there.

What were the reasons they built the Mexican pyramids?

Religion and the exhibition of political prowess are the main reasons why the pyramids were built: most of them were temples dedicated to the Mesoamerican gods, where many types of rituals were celebrated, such as offerings and human sacrifices.

Who built the pyraimids?

There are pyramids all over the Earth. The Egyptian slaves built the Great Pyramids, and the Aztecs, Mayans, and other Mexican aboriginals and their slaves built the famous pyramids in Mexico. There are many, many other ancient burial buildings made of stone around the world, and quite a number are pyramidal in shape.

How were the first pyramids built?

they were step pyramids built out of stone

Where were ancient pyramids built?

Ancient Pyramids were built in Egypt and Mexico!

Were the first pyramids built out of mud?

No the first pyramids were built from stone, it were the later pyramids that were made from mud bricks

What were Maya pyramids built for?

built elabroate limestone pyramids for religious mcermonies

What building style did Mississippian culture adopt from Mexican culture?

large towns built around central plazas, pyramids made of earth

When the pyramids were built what were the pyramids called?


How many Mayan pyramids were built and where were they built?

there were 13 Mayan pyramids built and they were built around Memphis, closer to the Sahara