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Q: Who can 'confirm' appointments?
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What branch can confirm appointments?


Can the Supreme Court approve President's appointments?

No, the Senate must confirm the President's appointments.

Who can refuse justices' appointments?

The US Senate can refuse to confirm appointments to the Judicial Branch.

Does the senate usually confirm presidential appointments?


What branch can confirm judicial appointments?

legislative branch

Who must confirm most of the president's appointments?


Which branch of government can confirm the appointment of presidential appointments?

It is the Legislative Branch that has the power to confirm the appointment of presidential appointments. They also have the power to declare war.

What person or branch has to confirm judicial appointments?

The legislative branch.

Which branch can refuse to confirm judicial appointments?

The Legislative Branch

What proportion of the senate is necessary in order to confirm appointments?


The responsibility to confirm or approve presidential appointments is an example of the principle of?

Judicial Review

The power to confirm appointments to supreme court resides in?

with the Senate