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Q: Who can create or abolish federal departments?
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Does the president and congress have tools for holding federal departments and agencies accountable?

Together they have total conrol. The President runs the federal agencies and Congress funds them , creates them and can abolish them at will.

What is an antonym for abolish?

An antonym for abolish is "create".

Should the US Supreme Court abolish the Federal Reserve?

The US Supreme Court does not have the authority to abolish government agencies and departments, unless the agency is created under legislation that is challenged in court and determined to be unconstitutional. This is outside the scope the the Supreme Court's responsibility.

What is the largest organizational unit of the federal government?

The largest subunits of the federal executive branch are called departments. The head of the departments is called the secretary.

Does the federal governments have the authority to abolish contracts?


Why was the Bureau Of Investigation federal?

Due to the limited jurisdiction of state and local police departments, the Bureau of Investigation helped to create a bridge to bring criminals to justice also as well as look after violations of federal law.

Why did the south fear it would lose power in the federal government?

Because the federal government would abolish slavery.

How many federal departments exist today?


The heads of the departments of the federal government are called?

The cabinet

Why was it so difficult to abolish slavery without more federal control?

Give me the answer

What is the term for the departments and workers that make up the federal government?

The term for the departments and workers that make up the federal government is civilian employee. A civilian employee is any individual that works for the federal government, but is not affiliated with the military.

What is a government made up of secretaries of departments?

Federal System