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The term for the departments and workers that make up the federal government is civilian employee. A civilian employee is any individual that works for the federal government, but is not affiliated with the military.

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Q: What is the term for the departments and workers that make up the federal government?
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How is political sovereignty shared in a federal system of government?

Amendment 10 gives the states political sovereignty. They are able to make decisions individually unless the Federal Government intervenes and give orders to follow.

Which article of the constitution makes the federal government the most powerful?

WHOA! The Federal government is not the most powerful. The people through their State governments have the most power! The Federal government can only do what the States let them do in the US Constitution. The Federal government cannot make any of the States do anything, save for paying taxes, serving in the military, play nice with other States and countries as far as trade goes, have a postal service, coin money, make citizens of immigrants, and to define piracy and provide for punishment of pirates, and enacting laws to make these duties happen. Sadly, President Obama often breaks these rules and should be legally impeached and convicted, but the current Congress is too weak and afraid to do that. Also, sadly, the States have come to depend on Federal money for large parts of their budgets. The Federal government can legally say, "If you States don't do what we want, you will lose your Federal money." In some locations of the country, that is called, "Dirty pool".

What are some of the main points that the constitution had in it?

The most significant features of the U.S. Constitution are the establishment of the rule of law, the creation of a federal system with a supreme national government, the separation of governmental powers into three branches that check and balance each other, its flexibility and the establishment of a republican form of government.

What did some businesses do to make sure the government did not get involved with their industries?

They secretly gave money to members of Congress. This qualifies as bribery and would be illegal today.

Many states opposed federal assumption of state debts because?

This is because they believed the federal government would then have more control over what the states did. The states are supposed to be free to make their own laws without federal involvement.

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What do you call various departments and worker that make up the federal government?


All government offices agencies and departments make up what?

Government offices, agencies, and departments make up the bureaucracy.

Does the state government make treaties?

No. The power to make treaties is exclusive to the Federal government.

Is One of the tasks performed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) is to investigate how the federal government implements directives and policies.?

No. Their job is to make sure that money given to various departments is used in a responsible way. If a person in a office is given a government credit card they make sure when an audit is done that they didn't use the card for personal use.

In which war did the federal Department of Labor ensure there were enough workers to make necessary supplies for American troops?

During World War I, the federal Department of Labor ensured there were enough workers to make necessary supplies for American troops.

How does the F.B.I. make money?

They are a government organization, and as such they are funded by the US Federal Government.

What are the legislative powers of the federal government vested in?

The federal government is divided into separate branches to?

Make the government run more efficiently.

Federal government is divided into separate branches to?

Make the government run more efficiently.

Could the federal government make the states obey its laws?


How is the power divided between the federal government and the states?

The powers that are not directly given to the federal government in the constitution fall in the hands of the state government. However, there is the elastic cause which allows the federal government to make laws as they deem necessary for the best interests of the government.

What kind of laws can the federal government not make?

making money