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John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston were all on the Declaration committee.

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Thomas Jefferson

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Q: Who contributed to the American Revolution by drafting the Declaration of Independence?
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Who contributed to the American Revolution by drafting the Declaration of Independence.?

Thomas Jefferson

The Declaration of Independence started what war?

the American declaration of independence was a factor in starting the American Revolution.

Was it the Declaration of Independence that was signed during the American Revolution?

The Declarations of independence was signed before the American Revolution.

Which document listed the colonist grievances or reasons for the American revolution?

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was signed in what war?

The American Revolution or War of Independence.

What battle was fought after the Declaration of Independence?

American Revolution

What did the Declaration of Independence do once it was signed?

It justified the American Revolution.

The declaration of independence took place in what war?

American revolution

What American document influenced the french revolution?

The Declaration of Independence.

What was Thomas Jefferson during the American revolution?

He wrote the declaration of independence

What modeled off the American declaration of independence?

french revolution documents

A justification for the American Revolution can be found in which of the following historical documents?

Mayflower CompactFundamental Orders of ConnecticutConstitutionDeclaration of IndependenceYour answer is "D", Declaration of Independence