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Control of the area of the eastern Mediterranean Sea has changed so many times from the ancient world to the modern world. Basically the areas now called Samaria, Judea and Israel were once controlled by Alexander the great. Later the area was controlled by ancient Rome. At one time the Ottoman Turks controlled it. Prior to even the great Alexander, however, the area was part of the state of Israel.

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Q: Who controlled the section of land where the palestinians were settled?
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Do land disputes in southwest asia exist between israelis and palestinians?

Yes. There are land disputes between Israelis and Palestinians and the land in dispute is located in Southwest Asia.

Where did Israelite's settled?

They settled in the land of Canaan, which was then renamed the Land of Israel.

Why should Palestinians claim Palestine?

Because it is their land, their home.

How did the rest of the world feel about the Balfour Declaration?

take a look at Palestinians refugee camps, and the answer is clear The surrounding Muslim nations all with vast amounts of open, unsettled land refuse to open their land to these people. Millions of Palestinians were paid for the land on which they "settled"; often more than one time by the U.N and Israel. Nothing was "taken"; it was paid for. Still, these refugee camps continue to present day. Jordan, Egypt have built fences to keep these refugees out -what does that say?

What land on Israel's western border where Palestinians live?

The Gaza Strip

What do the Palestinians think of Jewish settlements in the West Bank?

The Palestinians think of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Territories as the theft of land and a continued humiliation of their people.

What is the biggest concern for most Palestinians?

The biggest concern for most Palestinians is their future. They are worried that more and more illegal settlers will take over the land designated for the Palestinians. Settlers erect their homes legally according to Israeli views which would then drive the Palestinians away from their land.

When were Palestinians first heard of?

During the Roman Rule of the Jewish land Judea, about 2000 years ago, the Romans changed the name of the land to Palestine. So the Jews living there were the Palestinians. Only a century ago, millions of Muslims from the Arab countries moved to Palestine, and called themselves the Palestinians because they wanted to show the world that it's their land, which it isn't.

Should Israel give land to the Palestinians for peace?

if they are willing to accept defeat

Why did countries send explorers to new york state?

The Dutch originally settled in New York because is was not controlled by England. However, the English captured the land and the king (Charles II) gave the land to his brother, the Duke of York.

Why are the Palestinians often referred as refufees?

At various times the Palestinian people are referred to as refugees. In some cases it's a clear and correct choice. Many Palestinians live as refugees in Jordan or in Gaza. Also, the Palestinians are living in land they claim as their own, that would be Israel. Although they live in a territory they believe is their homeland, the area is now technically speaking, and that's also a reality, living in a nation that is controlled by the Israeli government. In that sense, they could be called refugees. With all that said, the Palestinians living outside of Israel are refugees. As an aside, the term Palestine, is a name given to that territory by the Romans, when they controlled the eastern Mediterranean Sea. They had dispersed the Jews living there as a punishment for the "problems" they caused to the Roman empire under Hadrian.

How much land have the Palestinians lost to the Israel's?

Most of what they gained in 1948, when the UN drew up the map but the "Palestinians" rejected the whole notion of partition and attacked Israel.