Who converted the Saxons?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who converted the Saxons?
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How many wars did king Charlemagne win?

He defeated the pagan saxons and converted them to christianity, and he also defeated the Avars in 791.

What were some of Charlemagne's accomplishments?

Charlemagne Defeated the Saxons and then converted many of them over to Christianity. He also became emperor after his father Pippin died.

Are Anglo Saxons and Saxons the same people?

Saxons were/are from Saxony. Anglo-Saxons are in the Uk, a combination of the Saxons and the Angles.

Who were the Germanic invaders in England?

The Saxons. When the Saxons invaded England, the English lost, then the Saxons and the English came together to be the Anglo-Saxons.

What tribes destroyed Christianity to Britain?

The pagan Anglo-Saxons invasion of Britain in the 5th-7th Centuries put an end to Christianity brought by the Romans. The Anglo-Saxons were later converted by Celtic and Scottish missionaries, most notably St Augustine the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

Are vikings the same as Saxons?

No they are not, the vikings fought the Saxons. The Saxons were the English.

What does the suffix sex mean in English town and place names?

It comes from the Saxons: Wessex (West-Saxons), Sussex (South-Saxons), Middlesex (Middle Saxons), Essex (East-Saxons).

What was the Anglo Saxons known as?

The Anglo-Saxons.

The angles and the Saxons were know as the?


The Angles and Saxons are known as the?


What was the Angles and Saxons known as?


The angels and Saxons are known as the?

The Angels and the Saxons are known as the Anglo-Saxons. Angles, not Angels! !