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Saxons were/are from Saxony. Anglo-Saxons are in the Uk, a combination of the Saxons and the Angles.

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no they weren't

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Q: Are Anglo Saxons and Saxons the same people?
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What was the Anglo Saxons known as?

The Anglo-Saxons.

Is Anglo a white person?

The question "Are white people anglo?" is the same as asking "are hispanic or latino people Guatemalan?". The word anglo is a reduction of Anglo-Saxon. Anglo-Saxons are the descendants of the Angles and the Saxons who invaded Southeastern England after the fall of the Roman occupation of Britain. Only these people are actually Anglo-Saxon. While some white people are Anglo-Saxons, the vast majority are not. Some black people are Tanzanian and some Spanish speakers are Cuban. But we don't call all black people "Tanzanians" or all latinos Cubans.

Are Norwegians Anglo Saxons?

Norwegians are not Anglo-Saxons, they are Scandinavians.

3 tribes of people made up the Anglo-Saxons?

Angles, Saxons, Jutes

Why were the Anglo-Saxons called the Anglo-Saxons?

Because they blonged to the anglo and saxon tribes

Who are the ethnic people of England?

White Anglo Saxons.

Are the Irish and Scottish Anglo-Saxon?

The Irish and Scottish are Celtic, not Anglo-Saxon. They are linguistically and culturally Celtic but are related to the Anglo-Saxons because they all derive from the same Indo European people. The Irish and Scottish have a heavy Genetic relation to Anglo-saxons due to the settlements in Ireland and Scotland

What is Anglo-sazon?

Anglo-Saxons were a population of people that migrated in the early 5th century from continental Europe to the east and south islands. Anglo-Saxons were descended the Germanic tribes.

What uniform did the Anglo-Saxons wear in the military?

what was the anglo saxons uniform

How Anglo Saxons communicate to each other?

The Anglo Saxons had their own language.

Why did the Romans and Anglo-Saxons conflict?

The Anglo-Saxons were pagan and the Romans were Christian.

Who defeated the Anglo Saxons and the danes?

The Normans defeated the Anglo Saxons and the Danes