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Q: Who creates and control all powers of local governments in Virginia?
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Since men control the government this creates what difficulty?

the gov't has to be able to control the governed but has to have limited powers.

How does the principle of federalism affect the US government?

By dividing some responsibilities between the federal and state governments

What can State governments NOT claim?

In the United States, state governments can claim no inherent powers. The power to control a national border, for example, is an inherent power.

What is the highest authority in the United states that control the division of powers between the central and local governments?


Constitution states that these powers are federal governments?

The Constitution states that expressed powers are the federal governments.

Did the Virginia plan include slaves?

The Virginia Plan dealt with the branches of government, the legislature, and other governmental powers. It favored both national and state governments, but wanted a strong national government.

Reserved powers are powers reserved who?

They are powers only for state governments.

Which is not an example of the national governments delegated powers?

Reserved powers.

What is the term for the powers granted to state governments?

reserved powers

What 3 powers do all governments have?

The 3 basic powers that all governments have are legislation, judicial and execution. These powers are separated in most countries into their respective branches.

Which of the federal governments powers clearly stated in the constitution?

Expressed powers

What if you had super powers?

If I had super powers, I would be feared by the governments of the world.