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Q: Who creates and passes legislation?
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Does the Supreme Court pass legislation?

No. Congress passes legislation.

Which branch creates and passes legislation?

The Legislative Branch passes the laws, even sometimes when they have never been read. The Congress, or in other terms, the House of Representatives and the Senate determine what the laws are for the U.S.

Different functions of the president and congress in passing legislation?

Congress passes the legislation while the president can sign or veto it.

Who passes copyright infringement laws?

The legislation of whatever jurisdiction you happen to be in.

What is the check the president has on congress?

He/she can veto any legislation that congress passes.

What is the difference between direct and indirect legislation?

Direct Legislation are the Acts of Parliament Indirect legislation are By-laws e.g, the street drinking act. the parliament passes the legislation (enabling act) and local council decide on how to pass the law.

What is it called when Congress passes laws to appropriate money on local projects?

pork-barrel legislation

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What kind of programs and legislation were created during the Johnson administration?

congress creates medicare and medicaid programs

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