Who decides DNR?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Firstly, the patients themselves are allowed to make the decisions (if they are in the right 'state-of-mind').

If the patient themselves are considered unfit by two doctors, then it is usually up to the patients closes relative or friend to decide.

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Q: Who decides DNR?
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Does a DNR have to be notarized?

No a DNR does not but you have a family that is sick and had gotten a DNR for the hospitals to see then the will not DNR the family memeber.

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What year was the Iowa DNR established?

the dnr was started by the Native Americans because they did not like how their animals were being hunted.

What does DNR do?

DNR stands for "Do Not Resuscitate" and is a medical order that instructs healthcare providers not to perform CPR or other life-saving measures in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest. It is typically used for patients who do not wish to be resuscitated if their heart stops or they stop breathing.

What does a dnr officer do?

Protects the wildlife

What animals are in the dunes?

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