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The Constitution states that there will be two senators per state. With the current 50 states, there are 100 Senators.

The number of members in The House of Representatives has been fixed at 435 members since 1911. The number of Representatives for each state is determined by population, with each state guaranteed one representative. South Dakota has one, California has 53. The number of representatives is re-apportioned between states every 10 year census. The highest number of representatives was 437 when Alaska and Hawaii were added in 1959, but reduced by re-apportionment back to 435 after the 1960 census.

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Q: Who decides the number of senate seats held by each state?
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The number of senate seats held in each state is?

Two seats

Is the number of senates seats held by each state the same as the number of house seats?

No. The Senate has 100 members while the House has 435 members.

How many us seats are in the senate?

There are 100 Senate seats, two from each State

Is The number of senates seats held by each stateis set by the census bureau?

Not the Senate, but the House. The senate has two members from each state.

The U.s senate consist of what?

2 seats per state.

How many seats does the state of Arkansas have in the senate?

The Arkansas Senate has 35 members.

In the senate each state is represented?

By Two senators.

Where electoral votes are given to states based on?

The number of house representatives the state has plus the two senate seats.

How many seats are in Massachusett's state senate?


How manyseats are there total in US Senate?

There are always two U. S. Senate seats for each state, so since 1959 there have been 100 seats in the Senate.

How many seats does Arkansas have in the senate?

There are 35 State Senators.

How many seats are in the new york state senate?