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It was the patriots who declared independence. They were claiming independence from the British Empire to form their own system of government.

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Q: Who declared independence patriots or Britain?
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Supporter of colonial independence?

People who did not want independence from Great Britain were called loyalists, and people who favored independence from Great Britain were called patriots. WILLIAM U

American colonists who supported independence from Britain and were willing to fight for independence were known as?


Wanted independence from Great Britain after the signing of the Declaration of Independence wanted independence from Great Britain after the signing of the Declaration of Independence?


What document declared American independence from Britain?

Declaration of Independence

Why July 4th for Independence Day?

It is the day that we declared our independence from Britain.

What was Declaration of Independence and how did it help your country?

The Declaration of Independence is what was declared in 1776 in which the US declared its independence from Great Britain and its tyrannical king.

What is the word for colonists who argued in favor of independence from Britain?


On July 4th who did you declare Independence from?

The United States declared Independence from Great Britain. I declared freedom from ambiguity.

What issues did Americans face after they declared their independence from Britain?

When the Americans declared their independence from Britain, they were faced with the question of what type of government to have. They had to decide on having monarchy, democracy, or republic.

Some colonists loyalists who sided with Britain the other colonists were patriots who supported the right to independence?

The patriots were for independence. Those who were loyal to the king were called loyalists.

What were colonists loyal to the cause of American independence called?

We called them 'patriots'. The British called them 'rebels'.

What was the year America declared independence from Britain?

1776 was the year