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Father Junipero Serra

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Q: Who devoted his life to educating and converting Native Americans to Christianity in California?
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Two USSC cases which dealt with affirmative action cases were Grutter v. Bollinger and Regents of the University of California v. Bakke. It was in these two cases that the Court dealt with the issue of affirmative action in university admissions. Both cases resulted in a very divided Court; even with 25 years between the two decisions. The effectiveness of affirmative action, if correctly addressed, had a place in the job force as well as education admissions. As the Court explained any affirmative action program that is "narrowly tailored", temporary and flexible did not place undue burdens on racial groups as a whole. States and schools have a compelling interest to ensure past racial considerations and minority diversity are prevalent in the process of hiring and educating. As far as the current and future needs of affirmative action I believe that, especially with the influx of diversity in our population, the need for programs has changed. We are not the country we were 50 years ago and continue to "blend" amongst ourselves in a way that creates no definite or absolute racial groups. During the last census, for example, almost half of the people in the United States when asked to check the appropriate box for their race marked more than one answer. Although racism is still prevalent in our country today with the current demographic trends we will surely see a downturn in the use of affirmative action programs in the future.

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What did the institution of encomienda allowed?

The institution of encomienda allowed Spanish settlers in the Americas to receive land and tribute from indigenous peoples in exchange for educating and converting them to Christianity. However, it often led to abuse and exploitation of the indigenous population.

What was the most important events happened in Santa Clara mission?

Some of the most important events that happened at Santa Clara Mission include its founding in 1777 as the eighth of the original 21 California missions established by the Spanish, its role in converting and educating Native Americans in the region, and its significant impact on the economy and development of the area during the Spanish and Mexican periods.

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