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The Spanish king or queen granted haciendas to the viceroys they placed in control of various parts of their empire that they had during their span of power in the New World (1521-1898). They also granted haciendas to other nobles of the quasi-feudal system that existed such as grandees, hidalgos, and other small classes that existed within the Spanish feudal system, which was very unique to the French/English one and very similar to the Portuguese one.

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Q: Who did the spanish monarch grant haciendas?
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Which system of Spanish government did haciendas replace?

the encomienda

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Did spanish ranchers graze cattle or horses on the grasses of the haciendas?

Yes, they also mined for silver and gold when there was still gold.

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Spanish farms were called HACIENDAS

How were haciendas and encomiendas related?

Haciendas were large estates granted to Spanish colonists in Latin America, while encomiendas were the labor systems used on these estates. Encomienda granted Spanish colonists the right to demand tribute and labor from indigenous people living on the land. The laborers on encomiendas often worked on haciendas as well.

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A Spanish representative of the monarch was called a "viceroy." The viceroy was appointed by the Spanish king or queen to serve as the highest-ranking official in a colonial territory, governing on behalf of the monarch.

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In a monarchy, only the ruling monarch has that ability.

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Hacienda is a Spanish estate, which would almost always have a casa grande (large house, mansion).