Who discovered cold fusion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons proposed cold fusion in 1989, although it was proven to be an invalid concept that did not work.

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Q: Who discovered cold fusion?
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When was Cold Fusion - Doctor Who - created?

Cold Fusion - Doctor Who - was created in 1996.

Is the sun a hot fusion or cold fusion?


What are the ratings and certificates for Cold Fusion - 2011?

Cold Fusion - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16 Singapore:PG13

Would cold fusion be enough energy to create a warp field?

neither cold fusion nor warp fields exist.

What is Coal Fusion?

I think you mean "Cold Fusion" It is the (currently) hypothetical nuclear fusion reaction which happens at ambient temperatures?

What is the difference between hot nuclear fusion and cold nuclear fusion?

"Hot" nuclear fusion (this is not the term normally used) is exactly what the name implies, the materials are heated, which provides them with enough energy to overcome the normal repulsion of protons. Cold nuclear fusion requires no heating and has not yet been proved, although dozens of Physicists and Electro-Chemists have claimed to have created cold fusion. Cold Fusion relies on other forces, such as pressure, to overcome the electrostatic force of repulsion.

Why is the cold fusion theory controversial?

Because it is

What is the cold fusion?

"Cold fusion" refers to fusion at (or near) room temperature, rather than the millions of degrees that are normally required. This has not been achieved so far - at least, not to any significant degree.

A theoretical condition where no heat is present is?

Cold fusion

What cold country was discovered by john Cabot?

The cold country John Cabot discovered is Greenland

How less likely is it that you will develop cold fusion in the next year than normal fusion?

It is 100% less likely, since we already have 'normal' fusion.

Is nuclear chain reaction is called fusion?

The idea of nuclear fusion occurring at room temperature is called cold fusion.