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Christopher Columbus reached North America in 1492 and came back to Spain to report his discovery and so alerted Europe to the New World and began a fury of voyages of exploration and the founding of settlements by Spain , Portugal, the Netherlands, France and England. Viking ships had reached North America before Columbus but this information was not known in Europe outside of Scandinavia.

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Q: Who discovered the new world?
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The sailor who discovered the new world?

Christopher Columbus is considered to be the sailor who discovered the New World.

When did the Europeans discover the new world?

The vikings are believed to have discovered the new world first but Christopher Columbus "discovered the new world" in 1629

How was the new world discovered?

The New World was discovered by ships. Traders were looking for an easier route to the east indies.

What was the new world discovered?


Did Christopher ever realize what he discovered?

No he never knew that he discovered the New World.!

What affect did columbas have on the new world?

he had the effect on the new world because he so say discovered it

When Christopher Columbus died he .?

Never new he had discovered a new world

What island in the new world that he discovered first?


How did the euroupeans discovered the new world?

they sailed their on ships

Discovered the new world in 1492?

Christopher Columbus

When did chirtopher clumbus discovered the new world?


Describe how the renaissance and reformation helped set the stage fro the discoverery of the new world?

alot of vikings discovered the new world but never noticed that they discovered it. God allowed America to remain hidden until columbus discovered it.And if America was discovered earlier the history would be kinda different. And the america was discovered in 1492 the discovery of the new world began. :0