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i believe state legislators from both parties

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The State Legislature.

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Q: Who draws Congressional district boundaries?
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Congressional district boundaries are drawn by?

State legislatures in each state are responsible for drawing congressional district boundaries. There are 435 congressional districts in the United States.

Who are Congressional district boundaries drawn by?


What are the boundaries of Tennessee's congressional district?

the Mississippi river

Explain how gerrymandering affects congressional district boundaries?

Gerrymandering tries to create districts that have a partisan advantage. By doing this, the practice of it affects congressional district boundaries by attempting to stretch them.

The redrawing of congressional district boundaries occurs apex?

Answer this question… every 10 years.

What type of district is a congressional district whose boundaries are drawn so as to maximize the voting power of minority groups?

Majority-Minority Districts

What is the congressional district of Inglewood?

Congressional District 35

What are the congressional district boundaries in harris county Texas?

Harris County, Texas is divided into multiple congressional districts based on population distribution. The boundaries of these districts are determined by the state legislature during the redistricting process. It's recommended to check the latest official maps or contact the Harris County Clerk's office for detailed and up-to-date information on specific district boundaries.

Why do congressional district boundaries change in Tennessee?

Congressional district boundaries in Tennessee, like in many other states, change mainly due to population shifts. The boundaries are redrawn every ten years after the decennial census to ensure that each district has roughly the same number of residents. Additionally, political factors and partisan considerations can also influence the process of redistricting in Tennessee, as in other states.

What congressional district is odenton Maryland?

MD 3rd Congressional District

What congressional district do I live in Charlotte NC?

8th congressional district

What Congressional District is Montgomery Village MD in?

6th congressional district