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Alexander Hamilton is an example of an early politician who believed in loose construction in terms of the U.S. Constitution. Hamilton was America's 1st Secretary of the Treasury.

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President Jackson

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Q: Who favored loose construction?
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Which of the following proposals represented a loose construction of the constitution?

Tariffs on imports

Who believed in a loose construction of the Constitution?

The federalists were those in the colonies that believed in a loose construction of the United States' Constitution. This group felt that with a stricter constitution their rights and liberties would be jeopardized and all power would lie within the government.

Which early political party formed to promote a loose construction of the Constitution and a strong central government?

The Democratic political party was formed to promote a loose construction of the Constitution and a strong central government. The Democratic Party believes the Constitution is only a guideline.

Why had Jeffersonian Republicans adopted many of the principles of loose construction once held by Hamilton Federalists by 1815 to 1824?

The idea of loose construction goes with being in power. The party OUT of power wants a strict interpretation of the constitution, in hopes of limiting the party IN power. So, the Republicans had been in power for several years and came to learn that "loose construction" benefited them the most, to expand their power. No one wants to limit their own power. -FrickeFresh

Which political party favored a loose interpretation of the Constitution?

The party that believed in loose interpretation of the constitution and strong ties with Great Britain was the Federalist Party, which only birthed one president, John Adams. Presently, loose interpretation has been recognized with the Democratic Party.

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Who favored the loose construction?

Democrats/Liberals typically favor loose contrsuction of the Constitution.

What are the loose and strict constructions of the Constitution and who favored each?

It's your interpretation of the constitution. The philosophy that allows narrow constitutional interpretation is called strict construction and the philosophy of broad constitutional interpretation is called loose construction. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison favored the strict constructions, and Alexander Hamilton favored the loose construction.

What is a sentence for loose construction?

A sentence using loose construction is: Federalist believed in loose construction for the Constitution.

What is an antonym for loose construction?

strong construction

Who favored loose interpretation of the constitution?

Alexander Hamilton

What is the Difference Between loose Constitution and strict Constitution of the Constitution?

A strict interpretation of the Constitution states that the government of the United States holds only those powers specifically granted to it by the Constitution. A loose interpretation of the Constitution posits that the government of the United States hold all powers that are not specifically denied to it by the Constitution.

Could you give me a sentence for loose interpretation?

The Federalist Party of Early America favored a loose interpretation of the Constitution.

What proposal represented a loose construction of the constitution?

Creating a national bank represented a "loose" construction of the Constitution.

Who was for loose construction?

Thomas jefferson

Does the federalist support loose or strict construction?

A weak central government. a confederation, and individual rights.

What is the Difference Between Strict Construction and Loose Construction?

Loose construction-means that the federal government can take reasonable actions that the constitution does not specifically forbidStrict construction- people who favor strict constitution think that that federal government should do only what the constitution specifically says it can do The Loose Construction Theory is when federalists interpret the Constitution into things that are in favor of a stronger national government. There are limitations involved.

Was the decision of the Mapp v Ohio case loose or strict construction?

Loose constuction.