Who founded vodun?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who founded vodun?
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What does vodun translate to?


How was vodun created?

african people

Is Voodoo dolls related to Vodun voodoo religion?

Personalized Voodoo Dolls are sometimes used in conjures in the Voodoo and Vodun religions.

Who is the warrior goddesses from Vodun?

There isn't one

What is Vodun's housing like?

like a boss

What are voodoo spells?

Voodoo spells are spells that are done by a practitioner of the Vodun faith.

What are other names for voodoo?

Other names for voodoo include Vodou, Vodun, and Voodooism.

When did voodoo start?

Voodoo, Vodun, and Vudu or three of several spellings for a label word that describes the complex and ancient traditional beliefs and ideologies of West Africa. Vodun has its roots in Ghana, Togo, and Benin where it is embraced as the foundation of ordinary reality. Vodun comes from the Fon and Ewe languages and roughly translates to Divinity, Divine Principle or Deity.

Is vodou a monotheistic religion?

No. In all of its forms (African Vodun, and Haitian and Louisianan Voodoo/Voduo) it incorporates deities and/or spirit-worship.

Where can you find some authentic Vodun spells?

The practitioners are found throughout the world and if you are interested in Vodun as a personal spiritual path, I suggest you go in search of someone who can teach you. Vodon spells (the real & good ones) are very hard to find as most practitioners create each spell individually, for a specific need, person, loa etc.

Is wiccan an object of voodoo?

No. - Wicca (one of the paths of Paganism) is a religion and spiritual path founded by Gerald Gardner in the 60s. - Voodoo (also one of the paths of Paganism and more correctly called Vodun) is another, separate religion which has been around far longer than Wicca and is typically found in the Haitian islands, Louisiana, and West Africa.

What are indigenous Caribbean religious expressions?

These are religious movements that developed in the Caribbean. Examples of these include Rastafari, Vodun, Shango, Revivalism, Orisha and Santeria, etc