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it was founded by Robert La Salle

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Q: Who was the explorer that founded Washington state?
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Is Christopher columbas a Washington state explorer?

No, Christopher Columbus is not a Washington state explorer.

Did George Washington fight for the state Washington?

No He didn't. He fought for the freedom of America. The state of Washington hadn't been founded yet

When was forks founded?

In the state of Washington in the late 1870s.

When was wsu founded?

1890, if your asking about Washington State U.

What did Juan Perez northwest explorer contribute to Washington State?

he was fat

What year was Washington state founded?

Washington state was added to the Union on November 11, 1889. It was the 42nd state to be added. Several states were added that year and the year after.

Was George Washington an explorer?

George Washington was an explorer. In fact, George Washington DeLong was an Antarctic explorer. George Washington Jr. was a sailor and an Antarctic explorer as well.

What is the oldest university in Washington State?

The University of Washington in Seattle is the oldest public university on the West coast, founded in 1861.

When was Oklahoma founded and who founded it?

It was founded in 1542 by a Spanish Explorer Corondo

Who founded Minnesota the thirty-second state?

You are asking the question who found Minnesota the thirty-second state. Well my job is to answer so here it is. The name of the explorer who founded Minnesota was Juan Pounce De Leon.

When was Grayson Oklahoma founded and who founded it?

It was founded in 1542 by a Spanish Explorer Corondo

Where can one find more information about Cascade bank?

Cascade Bank has headquarters in the State of Washington in the City of Everett. The bank was founded in 1916. There are 22 branches serving the people in Washington State.