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isaac neuton,he was on the boat to siabeeria when he got shot & died. it was a tradgect moment for all native americans and they forgot about him 4 2 days and @3:00.

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Q: What European Explorer visited Washington State?
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Is Christopher columbas a Washington state explorer?

No, Christopher Columbus is not a Washington state explorer.

Which explorer visited Georgia and where did they come from?

Which explorers visited your state and where did they come from from Georiga?

What European explorers visited your state and where did the come from?

Spanish explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo visited California in the 16th century, arriving from Mexico. Russian explorer Aleksandr Baranov explored Alaska, which was part of Russia at the time, in the 18th century. French explorer Jean-François de La Pérouse also visited in the late 18th century as part of a scientific expedition.

Where did the state get its name?

from a European explorer , named Amerigo

Who was the explorer that founded Washington state?

it was founded by Robert La Salle

What did Juan Perez northwest explorer contribute to Washington State?

he was fat

What explorer first visited the U.S. river which is the largest within its state creating a natural boundary with Mexico?

Rio Grande.. Juan was the explorer who first visited the US river which is the largest within its state creating a natural boundary with Mexico. This river is the Rio Grande.

Who exporled Washington state first?

Bruno De Heceta, a Spanish captain, was the first european to discover the state of Washington.

What year was Wahington State founded and by who?

The State of Washington was admitted to the Union in 1889 and was the 42nd state admitted. It was created from the western portion of the Washington Territory, which was established in 1846 after the Oregon Boundary Dispute with Britain was settled.The region that is now Washington State was being visited and lived in by people of European descent as early as 1775.Washington State, the University, was established by the state legislature on 28 March 1890. It opened on 13 January 1892. It took the name Washington State university in 1959, having first been called Washington Agricultural College and School of Scienceand then, beginning in 1905, the State College of Washington.Thanks for the fine answer to this question.Posted by Administrator Levi WasmundtWikiAnswers Admin

How many years after the first Russian explorers visited Alaska did Alaska become a US states?

Alaska became a US state 83 years after the first Russian explorer visited Alaska. Alaska was sold to the US in 1867.

Why did they call a state Washington?

no actually they named it after a british explorer that had the last name Washington but it wasnt George Washington the named Washington dc after George Washington * **The origin of Washington State name is indeed that is was named after our first president :George Washington. He is on the flag of our state and if one did a small amount of research you would see that this is true.

Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon became the first European to set foot on the soil of Which present-day US state?

It was Florida. NOT Louisiana