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From the very start of the Civil War, in the year 1861, the North(Union Army) controlled over 80% of the shipyards as well as steamships, river boats, and the Navy. Obviously, this gave the Union a tremendous amount of leverage due to the subsequent monopoly over the local river systems and as well as the entire southern coast.

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Q: Who had shipyards in 1861 the north or south?
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Why was there no new compromise over slavery in 1861?

because slavery had died out for the most part after the civil war when the south agreed to rejoin the north

What were the eleven states that rebelled against the union?

* South Carolina (December 20, 1860), * Mississippi (January 9, 1861) * Florida (January 10, 1861), * Alabama (January 11, 1861), * Georgia (January 19, 1861), * Louisiana (January 26, 1861), * Texas (February 1, 1861). * Virginia (April 17, 1861) * Arkansas (May 6, 1861), * North Carolina (May 20, 1861) * Tennessee (June 8, 1861).

In What order did the 11 states secede from the Union?

South Carolina on December 20 1861, Mississippi January 9 1861, Florida January 10 1861, Alabama January 11 1861, Georgia January 19 1861, Louisiana January 26 1861, Texas February 1 1861, Virginia April 17 1861*. Arkansas May 6 1861*, North Carolina May 20 1861*, and Tennessee June 8 1861*. Viginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee seceded after the South atacked Fort Sumter on April 12 1861 there were five bordering slave states that did not secede from the Union. These States were Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. In essence the American Civil War was more based on economics than slavery, however the freedom of the Slaves was paved with a high price.

What event triggered the fighting between the north and the south?

The event that triggered the fighting between the north and south was when Jefferson Davis ordered that Fort Sumpter be attacked. This started the American Civil War. States rights and slavery were also trigger points.

What do the north and south have in common?

This depends on which north and south are under discussion the north and south of Ireland North Korea and South Korea North Vietnam and South Vietnam the North and South in the American civil war North Dakota and South Dakota .... and many more.

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Did the north or south have the most shipyards?

North. The north had the industry, railroads, shipping, government, and stable money.

Did the north or the south have many shipyards?

The North, or also known as the Union had more shipyards.Your Welcome

When was the war of the north and south?

1861 - 1865

Did the north have shipyards?


What was consider upper South in 1861?

Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland would have been considered upper south states in 1861.

What year was the civil war between north and south?


Why do you think the north and south were not able to reach a compromise over slavery in 1861?

Because the north and the south wanted differnt things south wanted slavery, but the north wanted freedom.

When did the war happen between the north and south?

1861-1865 (4 years)

In the civil war did the south have many shipyards?

No, the south had few ports and no navy.

Did the south have many shipyards in the civil war?

No, the south had few ports and no navy.

What did differences in the north and south lead to?

The differences in the North and South over slavery lead to the Civil War (1861 - 1865) which the North won, the country was united and slavery came to an end.

Did the south have many shipyards?

No much propably at max 100