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There were many people. But if you really want the info there is a television show hosted by Ian Hislop that deals with that very subject. Try BBC Iplayer

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florence nightinggale and mr shockom lacka

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Q: Who helped to improve the lives of Victorian children?
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Who improved the lives of poor Victorian children?

One key figure who improved the lives of poor Victorian children was Dr. Thomas Barnardo. He established the charity Dr. Barnardo's, which provided shelter, education, and opportunities for disadvantaged children. Barnardo's work helped to address issues of child poverty and exploitation during the Victorian era.

What did lord shaftsbury want to do for children?

Improve there lives

How did the hot comb improve lives?

It has helped negro women to get ther hair done

What in 1833 the Government began laws to improve the working lives of children these laws were known as?

The laws introduced in 1833 to improve the working lives of children were known as the Factory Acts. These acts aimed to regulate child labor and improve working conditions in factories.

How did the ragged school help the homeless Victorian children?

Ragged schools in Victorian times were non-profit institutions that provided free education, food, clothing, and shelter to homeless and impoverished children. They aimed to improve the lives of these children by offering them a safe and nurturing environment, teaching them basic literacy and numeracy skills, and providing them with the opportunity for a better future. Ragged schools played a crucial role in addressing the needs of homeless children and giving them a chance to escape the cycle of poverty.

What Dr Barnado did to improve the lives of Victorian children?

Barnardo became aware of the numerous extremely poor children when he was an evangelist during his medical studies in London. He had been interested in doing missionary work abroad but decided instead to interest himself in the needs of people in Britain.

How did the lighting rod improve peoples lives?

because the lighting rods helped them cross the river or an ocean

How Did Dr. Banardo Be Come Famous?

Dr. Barnardo became famous for his philanthropic work in helping disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Victorian London. He founded the charity Barnardo's, which focused on providing support and opportunities for at-risk youths. His efforts helped thousands of children lead better lives and his legacy continues to this day.

How did the Fabian society reflect Victorian ideals?

The Fabian Society reflected Victorian ideals by promoting gradual social and political reform, emphasizing the importance of education and social welfare to improve society, and advocating for a more equal distribution of wealth and opportunities. They believed in using government intervention to address social issues and improve the lives of the working class, aligning with the Victorian emphasis on progress and social responsibility.

How does light improve the lives of Ganpat Jadhav's family?

His children can study at night, and he can get more work done.

What events changed poor Victorian childrens lives?

ummm when queen victoria chonged the law and said hat poor victorian children had a home !p.s. i cant live without a tv,sofa,blanket,and takeaway

How did lord shaftesbury improve the children lives?

Lord Shaftesbury improved children's lives by successfully advocating for the passing of laws to protect children from exploitation and abuse in factories, mines, and workplaces. He was instrumental in pushing for the Mines and Collieries Act of 1842 and the Factory Acts of 1844 and 1847, which placed restrictions on child labor and improved working conditions for children. Shaftesbury's efforts helped pave the way for future advancements in child welfare and labor rights.