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Some of the records are suspect, but the five men believed to have argued the most cases before the US Supreme Court are:

Walter Jones (1776-1861)......................317 cases

Daniel Webster (1782-1852)...................185 cases

Lawrence Wallace (unknown)..................157 cases

John Williams Davis (1873-1955)............140 cases

Erwin Nathaniel Griswold (1904-1994).....111 (estimate)

I could find no record of wins and losses.

Walter Jones and Daniel Webster both lived in era when there were few lawyers capable of arguing before the Supreme Court, whether due to experience, knowledge, education, travel restrictions, or other issues.

Lawrence Wallace argued all 157 cases during his 35-year career as US Solicitor General.

John Williams Davis was US Solicitor General for 3 years, but argued most of his cases as a private attorney for large corporations.

Erwin Griswold was US Solicitor General for 6 years, from 1967-1973. During a Senate hearing in 1972, he estimated having argued approximately 100 cases, to-date, in his official capacity. Literature indicates he argued at least 11 more cases while in private practice. Griswold, who was Dean of Harvard University for many years, has been described as having argued more cases before the US Supreme Court than anyone else in the 20th century; however, none of the accounts state a specific number.

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Q: Who holds the record for the most cases presented to and won before the US Supreme Court?
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