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Olivia newton john

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Q: Who invented stretch leotards?
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Is leotards comfortable?

Yes, leotards stretch to fit, but if you are asking if leotards stretch after you buy and wear one for a while, then not really. You will want to buy a size that fits you best because they don't really stretch much after that.

Who invented leotards?

jules leotard

What is spandex made out of?

Spandex is made of a fiber called polyurethane. The fibers are woven together much like any clothing product. Spandex is used in socks, leotards and other clothes that stretch or have parts that stretch.

Where can you buy solid color leotards?

Quantum leotards has several solid velvet leotards.

What is the best website to look at gym leotards?

Foxy's Fitness Fashions Leotards is a great site to go to for leotards!

When was stretch film invented?

Stretch film was invented in the early 1970s by Dr. Roger Appeldorn. He was working for Dow Chemical Company at the time and developed the first stretch film to provide a more efficient and cost-effective way to wrap and protect goods for shipping and storage.

Where can gymnastic leotards be bought?

Gymnastic leotards can be purchased at most gymnastic clubs. Gymnastic leotards can also be purchased online at eBay, and Amazon. GK Elite Sportswear is a very good brand of leotards.

What are leotards?

leotards are garments (usually worn by gymnasts, dancers, and other types of performers) that cover the torso and occasionally the arms. they are stepped into through the neck opening or a zipper opening, and pulled up to go over the shoulders. leotards were invented by jules leotard, a french acrobat. he is best known as the subject of the song "the daring young man on the flying trapeze".

Do leotards make your stomach look big?

only if you have a big stomach. =========================== It's not the leotards.

Where can you get leotards from?

you get it from ebay

Do you wear underwear under leotards?

Underwear is not necessary under leotards, and when it peeks out, it looks unproffessional.

Why don't boys wear leotards?

Only men wear leotards! The wimps find them embarrasing to be seen in.