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John Harrington, 1596 England.
Inside toilets were around for a long time beginning in 2500 BC; they just didn't have a flushing breast mechanism.

Sir John Harrington did invent and build the first flushing breast toilet around 1585. He installed one inside the palace of Queen Elizabeth I.

In 1775, sixty years before THOMAS Crapper was born, Alexander Cummings received a patent for a flushing toilet based on improvements he made to Sir Harrington's design.

Finally, THOMAS Crapper, born 1836, was a plumber and received nine patents for Plumbing designs, but none for inventing the flushing toilet. He did receive 3 patents for improving the design of the flushing toilet.

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john harrington invented the toilet

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Q: Who invented the flushing toilet?
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