Who invented the obelisk?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Ancient Egyptian obelisks were made by skilled ancient Egyptian stone masons and artists.The obelisk itself would be cut from the stone at a quarry-- you can still see some that cracked while they were being cut out of the stone. They were abandoned right at the quarry. They were then transported by land (on rollers) and by boat on the Nile to the place there they were to be set up. After they were set up, working on scaffolds, artists made drawings of the hieroglyphs and pictures that were to appear on the stone. Sculptors would then use these drawings as a guide for the carvings.

Remember that Egyptians liked bright colors so they would also add color to the obelisks.

If you wanted to know which Pharaohs set up obelisks, they were a very popular form of monument and an exhaustive list would take a lot of time to complete. The best answer would be that most of them did.

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1st came about in hatshepsut's era i think. Although mistakenly Cleopatra gets the credit alot of the time.

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Q: Who invented the obelisk?
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