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an old git

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Q: Who invented the walking stick?
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Why were crutches invented?

A walking stick (US patent number 1244249, filed Oct. 23, 1917 A. R. Lofstrand, Jr., who filed a patent in 1945, adjustable crutch

What eats a walking stick?

A walking stick eater

What is the duration of The Walking Stick?

The duration of The Walking Stick is 1.6 hours.

What was the Walking stick used in Sherlock Holmes movie?

the walking stick story

When was the walking stick made?

The Walking Stick was created on 1970-06-10.

What is the scientific name for walking stick maker?

God. That is the maker of the walking stick

What type of symmetry is a walking stick?

A walking stick is ectothermic and is a bilateral symmetry.

Where do i get a walking stick in stick rpg 2?

you just get to the top of the mobster gang and you will get a walking stick that you can use as a weapon

Is walking stick reptile?

no it is not a reptile. Reptile can eat the walking stick bug it self.

What is a flip stick?

A walking stick that can fold in to a seat

how much does a walking stick?

This all depends on the type of walking stick insect, its age and size, and other similar factors. On average, a walking stick insect weighs around a quarter of an ounce.

Who invented joy stick?

The joy stick was invented by C.B.Mirick .