Who inveted the phonograph?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Thomas Alva Edison

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Jimmy Hendrix

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Q: Who inveted the phonograph?
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Prolific inventor who only had three months of formal schooling He was the most proud of the phonograph?

thomas Edison

Was Thomas Edison the 12th president of the US?

No, Thomas Edison was not the 12th president of the United States. He was an inventor and businessman, known for his contributions to the development of the phonograph and the practical electric light bulb. The 12th president of the United States was Zachary Taylor, who served from 1849 to 1850.

What events happened in 1858?

1881 - 1. Booker T. Washington opens Tuskegee Institute for blacks. 2. Sioux Leader Sitting Bull surrenders to Federal troops on July 20 for his involvement in Little Big Horn 3. President James A. Garfield is assassinated on Sept. 19 1883 - 1. Indonesian volcano Krakatoa erupts killing 35,000. 2. The Brooklyn Bridge connecting the county of Brooklyn to Manhattan is opened on May 24th 1884 - 1. Statue of Liberty presented by France, construction required ten years. 2. The first baseball's World Series is played 1885 - French scientist Louis Pasteur, on July 6, successfully tests an anti-rabies vaccine on boy bitten by an infected dog. 1886 - 1. Geronimo surrenders all Apache nations, September 4. 2. Statute of Liberty is dedicated in New York Harbor October 28th 1888 - 1. First successful computer built by Herman Hollerith. 2. Richmond, Virginia, introduces first Electric streetcars. 3.George Eastman received patent for roll-film camera; registered "Kodak," trademark, Sept. 4 1889 - 1. Indian territory becomes Oklahoma territory 2. Ten story building erected in Chicago. Considered a skyscraper at the time. 3. The Wall Street Journal is first published; July 8. 4. Jefferson Davis dies at age 81 on December 6. Buried in New Orleans 1890 - 1. Thomas Alva Edison invents motion pictures. 2. First skyscraper in New York City is the World Building, 26 stories 3. Sitting Bull is killed by Indian policemen while resisting arrest 4. Massacre of Native Americans including women and children at Wounded Knee, SD, December 29 5. Artist Vincent van Gogh dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound in Auvers, France, July 29. 1892 - 1. First bridge to span the lower Mississippi River is at Memphis. 2. Rudolf Diesel invents internal combustion engine that runs on oil (diesel engine). 3. Pledge of Allegiance published. Changes made in 1954. 1893 - America the Beautiful written by Katherine Lee Bates. 1896 - 1. Plessey Vs. Ferguson establishes "separate but equal" provision in U.S. law. 2. Klondike gold rush begins when prospecting party discovers gold in Alaska; August 17. 1898 - 1. USS Maine explodes in harbor at Havana, Cuba, February 15, that starts the Spanish-American War. 2. Spanish-American War. Theodore Roosevelt and his rough-riders fight in Cuba 3. Independent republic of Hawaii annexed by United States. 1900 - Boxer Rebellion begins against foreigners in China. 1901 - President William McKinley is assassinated; dies September 14 1902 - President Theodore Roosevelt on Aug. 22, becomes first president to ride in an automobile. 1903 - The Wright Brothers make first powered flight, Kitty Hawk, NC Dec 17. 1906 - The Great San Francisco Earthquake April 18 kills over 500 people. 1908 - The First Model T rolls off Ford Motor Co., assembly line. 1909 - 1. Robert Peary & Matthew A. Henson reach North Pole. 2. NAACP by W. E. B. DuBois. 1910 - 1. Boy Scouts of America founded, Feb 8. 2. The great writer, Mark Twain,dies Stormfield, at Redding, Connecticut: April 21. 3. Florence Nightingale dies in London. Also during this period is the great migration from Europe and Asia to the United States.

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