Who is Bob Barr?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bob Barr is former republican house member from Georgia who gained national attention as one of the first to push for President William Jefferson Clinton's impeachment. He was also a leader in Ronald Reagans war on drugs. He is now running for president as the libertarian candidate.

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Q: Who is Bob Barr?
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When was Bob Barr born?

Bob Barr was born on November 5, 1948.

What is Bob Barr's birthday?

Bob Barr was born on November 5, 1948.

When did Bob Barr - footballer - die?

Bob Barr - footballer - died in 1935.

When was Bob Barr - footballer - born?

Bob Barr - footballer - was born in 1865-04.

What does bob barr want to do when he becomes presedint?

Bob Barr wants to change tax prices. If you like Bob Barr you probably wouldn't like Obama very much. Bob Barr is awesome. Vote for him for your next president Or else!!!!!

What is Bob Barr's ethnicity?

Bob Barr is of European descent, specifically German and British ancestry.

What party is Bob Barr running for?

Bob Barr is the Libertarian Party candidate for President of the United States.

When and where was baseball player Bob Barr born?

Bob Barr was born ? , 1856, in Washington, DC, USA.

When and where did baseball player Bob Barr die?

Bob Barr died March 11, 1930, in Washington, DC, USA.

What is Bob Barr's slogan?

Liberty for America

When did baseball player Bob Barr play?

Bob Barr debuted on June 23, 1883 and played his final game on September 12, 1891.

How old is Bob Barr?

US politician Bob Barr is 69 years old (birthdate: November 5, 1948).