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Christine Anu married her childhood sweatheart Simon Deutrom on 10 October 2010.

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Yes she is married!!! To Mr.Gambito obviously!! LOL! JK, yes she is married

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Q: Who is Christine gambito married to?
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What is the relationship status of Christine gambito aka happy slip?

she's happily married with children

Does Christine Gambito have children?

Yes, she has children.

Where in the south was Christine Gambito raised?


When was Christine gambito born?

Actress and Internet entertainer, Christine Gambito, was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia on August 16, 1976. One of her Web aliases is HappySlip.

Does Christine gambito have a son?

There is no information available that states whether Christine Gambito, also known as HappySlip, has a son.

What is Christine Gambito's nationality?

She's a Filipina raised in the USA.

Who is Happy Slip?

Her name is a Christine Gambito, she is a filipina you-tube celebrety. hope that helps

How Old Is Christine Gambito?

She was born August 19, 1976, so she is 34 as out 5/31/11

What actors and actresses appeared in Gambito - 1996?

The cast of Gambito - 1996 includes: Xavi Lite

When did Christine Baranski get married?

Christine Baranski married to Matthew Cowles in 1983

Is Christine Baranski married?

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