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Hayden Edwards is the one man who was in the fredonian was his brother benjirmin Edwards they took over nachodoches and the Mexican army was scared of them

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Q: Who is Hayden Benjamin Edwards?
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Who started and led the fredonian rebellion?

A group of English settlers in Texas, led by a certain Haden Edwards. They wanted Texas to become an independent nation under the name "The Republic of Fredonia".

Why Ben Edwards seized the Old Stone Fort in Nacogdoches?

Haden Edwards had been given an empresario contract by the Mexican government in 1825 to settle 800 families near Nacogdoches. When Haden Edwards arrived in East Texas he found that there were already people living on the land that was part of his empresario contract. The terms of his contract required him to respect the property rights of people already there. Many people did not receive land titles or could not find them. Haden Edwards offered to sell them new land titles. The settlers complained to the Mexican government. The Mexican government said that Haden Edwards could not charge people for new land titles. The Mexican government then canceled Haden Edwards' empresario contract in October 1826. Benajmin Edwards, the brother of Haden Edwards, took matters into their own hands. Benjamin Edwards and a group of settlers and Cherokee Indians part of East Texas to be the independent Republic of Fredonia. Benjamin Edwards and his men rode into Nacogdoches and took over the Old Stone Fort and adopted a declaration of independence for their republic.

Who were jonathon Edwards and George whitefield?

George Whitefield and Jonathon Edwards were people that spreaded ideas.

What town did Haden and Benjamin Edwards want to take over?

Nacogdoches, Texas.After Mexico got its independence from Spain in the 1820's, it found that huge parts of its northern territory were sparsely populated. So a law was passed that would allow Americans to immigrate and colonize these lands in what is now Texas. Certain Americans, like Haden Edwards, were hired as "empresarios", who would act sort of like special governors to rule over the colonies for Mexico.The problem was, long story short, that Edwards was kind of a jerk, and treated the people there like crap. When the people complained to the Mexican government, the government rescinded Edwards's license, effectively firing him. Edwards ignored the firing and continued to rule; eventually he started a rebellion, and renamed Nacogdoches "Fredonia".However, "Fredonia" didn't last long- a little over a month. The Mexican government sent an army to end the rebellion, and Edwards and his small band of rebels eventually fled back to the United States, where they stayed until the Texas Revolution started in 1836.

When is Benjamin Franklins birthday?

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706

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Did Hayden Edwards have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, Benjamin.

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Who started and led the fredonian rebellion?

A group of English settlers in Texas, led by a certain Haden Edwards. They wanted Texas to become an independent nation under the name "The Republic of Fredonia".

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