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A group of English settlers in Texas, led by a certain Haden Edwards. They wanted Texas to become an independent nation under the name "The Republic of Fredonia".

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Haden and Benjamin Edwards

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Haden Edwards and his brothers ;D

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Q: Who started and led the fredonian rebellion?
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When did fredonian rebellion?

Fredonian Rebellion happened in 1826.

Why was the Fredonian rebellion important?

it led to Texas revolution and texas's independence frum Mexico

What resulted from the Fredonian Rebellion?

The Fredonian Rebellion occured when Edwards had trouble with the land because he couldn't kick the inhabitants that were living there off the land, he then led a small group of 15-30 armed settlers to Nacogdoches and raised a flag bearing the words "Independence, Liberty, and Justice." The Fredonian Rebellion collapsed after one year in 1827. Ref: My 7th Grade class this year (Pre-ap) :)

What did Jacob Leisler do?

Jacob Leisler led/started the Leisler Rebellion =] Jacob Leisler led/started the Leisler Rebellion =]

What empresario declared Texas independent in the Fredonian Rebellion?

Empresario Haden Edwards

When did Fredonian Rebellion happen?

in 1827 the Edwards brothers brought settlers from the us to Texas. since their land was full with people unknown they tried to talk to Mexico but they almost ignored so they fought and lost. this revolt worried Mexico about us invasion

The first clash between colonists and Mexican authorities in east Texas took place in?

The Fredonian rebellion

How did the United States and Mexico respond to the fredonian rebellion?

As a result of the rebellion in Nacogdoches,the Mexican government sent Manuel de Mier y Teran to investigate.

Why were leaders concerned about the fredonian rebellion?

it led to texas revolution and texas's independence frum mexico

What rebellion was started after king Solomon died?

Rehav'am (Jeroboam) led the people in a protest against the taxation.

How did the government of the US and Mexico respond th the fredonian rebellion?

The Mexican government sent soldiers to restore order and American settlers under Austin helped the Mexican troops due to their conflict with the leader of the fredonian rebellion Haden Edwards.

Who is Hayden Benjamin Edwards?

Hayden Edwards is the one man who was in the fredonian was his brother benjirmin Edwards they took over nachodoches and the Mexican army was scared of them