Who is James E West?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The inventor of the —foil electret microphone with Gerhard Sessler in 1964 in the Bell Lab.

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Q: Who is James E West?
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Who did James e west marry?

James E. West married Marion Speaks on June 19th, 1907.

When was James E. West - Scouting - born?

James E. West - Scouting - was born on 1876-05-16.

When did James E. West - Scouting - die?

James E. West - Scouting - died on 1948-05-16.

Did James e west move?


What did James E West invent?


What year was James E West father born?


What did James E. M. West invent?

He invented the electric microphone

Were does Dr James E West live?

Mississippi on march 18 1831

When did dr James e west die?

He is not dead he is 80 years old

Why was Dr James E West famous?

because he invented a eltrict microphone

Is James edward west still alive?

As of October 2021, there is no public information available to suggest that James Edward West has passed away.

Who invented the electret microphone?

James E. West and Gerhard M. Sessler did together.