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leader of the u.s. navy during the battle of Lake Erie.

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Q: Who is Oliver Hazzard Perry?
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Who defeated the British at Lake Erie during the war of 1812?

Oliver Hazzard Perry.

When did Oliver Perry Shiras die?

Oliver Perry Shiras died in 1916.

When was Oliver Perry Shiras born?

Oliver Perry Shiras was born in 1833.

Who said you have met the enemy and they are ours?

Oliver Hazard Perry - [CAM]

When was Oliver Hazard Perry born?

Oliver Hazard Perry was born on August 23, 1785.

When did Oliver Perry Hay die?

Oliver Perry Hay died on 1930-11-02.

When was Oliver Perry Hay born?

Oliver Perry Hay was born on 1846-05-22.

When did Oliver Perry Temple die?

Oliver Perry Temple died on 1907-11-02.

When was Oliver Perry Temple born?

Oliver Perry Temple was born on 1820-01-27.

What is Oliver Hazard Perry's birthday?

Oliver Hazard Perry was born on August 23, 1785.

Who was commander of the the Lake Erie naval forces in 1813?

Oliver Hazard Perry

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