Who is Stephen Langston?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Stephen Langston was king of Norman ruled England following the death of King Henry I. He was an usurper king, esentially stealing the crown from Queen Matilda, the daughter of Henry. He is unique in that the "common" people of England proclaimed him king over the hated Godfrey, husband of Matilda and Matilda herself, being a woman and seen as unfit to rule (though her father intended her to rule). Stephen however was an incompetent ruler and soon there was civil war. Eventually, Matilda's teenage son arrived in England with an army to reclaim his kingdom, a deal was struck and Stephen, having no heir, agreed to remain king for the rest of his life (about a year) with Matilda's son as successor, taking the name Henry II. Henry II was probably the best ruler of all of the Angevin kings but is best known as the father of Richard the Lionhearted and the rotten King John. It is rumored that Henry II was actually Stephen Langston's son (due to a rumored tryst with Matilda years earlier) but this is impossible to prove.

The Man referred to in the answer above was Stephen of Blois. I am unaware of him ever being called Stephen Langston. It is possible that the person who asked this question was inquiring about Stephen Langton (no s)(1150-1228) who was the Archbishop of Canterbury in England during the reigns of King John and King Henry III. Stephen was a very strong leader and was a key player in the conflicts between King John and Pope Innocent III, sometimes supporting the Pope against John and sometimes John against the Pope but ALWAYS regarding the welfare of the people and Kingdom of England as his first priority.

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Q: Who is Stephen Langston?
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