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  • Charles Bronson, actor
  • Carlie Watts, band member, The Rolling Stones
  • Charlie Brown, character from "The Peanuts" comic strip
  • Charlie Chaplin, actor
  • Charlie Daniels, country singer
  • Charles Darwin, English naturalist
  • Charles de Gaulle, French general and president
  • Charles Dickens, English author
  • Charles A. Lindberg, American aviator
  • Charles Manson, cult leader, serial killer
  • Charles M. Schultz, creator "The Peanuts comic strip
  • Charles Nelson-Reily, often on game shows in 70's and 80's
  • Charlie Pride, country singer
  • Charlie the Tuna, from the Starkist tuna commercials
  • Uncle Charlie from the 60's TV series "My Three Sons"
  • Charlie from Ronald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
  • Charles (Charlie) Sheen, actor
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Charles Benjamin Clark

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Q: Who is a famous historic person named Charles?
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