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He is mostly famous for the finding of the state of Florida.

Which is why there are a few schools named after him, in, you guessed it, Florida.

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Q: Why was jean ribault famuos why was he famous for?
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When is jean ribault birthday?

Jean Ribault was born in 1520

When did jean ribault die?

Jean Ribault died on October 12, 1565.

When did jean ribault died?

Jean Ribault died on October 12, 1565.

When was Jean Ribault High School created?

Jean Ribault High School was created in 1956.

Why did jean ribault explore?

so he can discover united states.

Who was the mother and father of Jean Ribault the famous French Huguenot?

Herald arnold balder This is true i am a expert

Who was the famous explorers in Florida?

Juan Ponce de Leon Hernando de Soto Jean Ribault

When was jean ribault born?


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What year did jean ribault discover Florida?

1565 :)