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As far as the progression of power it goes President Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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Q: Who is in charge of a meeting when both the President and Vice President are absent?
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Who runs the business meeting if the president is absent?

The Vice President. If the Vice President is absent, the Secretary runs the meeting.

Who conducts a meeting when president vice president and treasurer are absent?

The secretary conducts the meeting.

Who is in charge of the Senate if the Vice President is absent?

the president pro temp

Vice presidents role?

assist the presidentgo to the presidents meeting when the president is absent

Who becomes President of the Senate when the vice president is absent?

The 'President Pro Tempore' is the President of the Senate, when the Vice President of the United States is absent.

Who is in charge of the senate when vice president is out?

The president pro tempore presides over the Senate when the Vice President is absent. The current president pro tempore (as of 5/17) is Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah.

Who is the leader of the senate when they are in session?

The U.S. Vice President is the President of the Senate. When he/she is absent or acting as President, the Senate President Pro Tempore is in charge.

President pro tempore presides if vice president is absent?


Who serves when the president is absent?

The Vice President if they are available,otherwise The Speaker Of The House.

The presiding officer of the Senate when the Vice President is absent is the _____________.?

President Pro-Tempore

Who takes over if the president is absent?

The vice president becomes President if the President dies or is removed from office . There are also procedures by which the vice-president can temporarily assume the duties of president, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Is the vice president often absent from the senate meetings?