Who is old man clutch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I heard Old Man Clutch was at a camp named camp Schmidt and he used to grow tobacco and had 7 children two of them died one of them died at around 5 or 6 years old and their grave stones are there at the camp he is mean cranky old grumpy man

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Q: Who is old man clutch?
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What year is old man clutch grew up in?

Old man clutch was born when he was 00 years old the year he was born in is about 1,0000000000000 years agoit is alot to tell about old man clutch

How old is old man clutch?

Old Man Clutch was character created by Jim Pepino who was a concept artist, so the character doesn't have an official age. However, he is often depicted as an elderly character with a grizzled appearance and advanced age.

How do you protect yourself from old man clutch?

you stay asfar away as possible from the property

Is old man clutch real?

yes. me my dad went to a house and saw him there as we were walking down the hall :O

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