Who is reginald Carter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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reginald carter is Lil Wayne's step father. his biological father left when Wayne was an infant therefore lil Wayne recognizes reginald carter as his father and even took up his last name.

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Q: Who is reginald Carter?
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When was Reginald Carter born?

Reginald Carter was born in 1933.

What has the author George Reginald Carter written?

George Reginald Carter has written: 'The tendency towards industrial combination' -- subject(s): Industries, Industrial Trusts, Economic conditions, History, Commerce and industries

How old was lil Wayne when Reginald Rabbit Carter?

14 years old

What has the author Reginald Webster Carter written?

Reginald Webster Carter is an author known for writing books in the field of philosophy, particularly focusing on ethics and moral philosophy. Some of his notable works include "Morality and Measurement" and "The Elements of Ethics".

Does Lil Wayne have a stepfather?

yes, Reginald "Rabbit" Carter who died when Wayne was younger.

Who is lil' Wayne' s father?

his real dad was Reginald carter. his mom was Cynthia carter. his parents died, and then birdman adopted him Dwayne Michael carter is his biological dad ( lil Wayne has the same name as his dad)

When did Reggie Carter die?

Reggie Lewis died on July 27, 1993 at the age of 27.

What is Lil Wayne mother and dad name?

It doesn't say much about his mother, his father left him as an infant and his step father name is Reginald Carter.

Who is lil wyanes dad?

Lil Wayne's biological father's name was Dwayne Michael Carter. He passed away in 1996. When Lil Wayne was about 10 years old his mother remarried to a man named Reginald Carter, who died when Lil Wayne was 14 years old.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Street Performer - 2011?

The cast of The Street Performer - 2011 includes: Cristala Carter as Claire Reginald Huc as Marc Chamberlain Tyrone Stephens as Ty

When was Reginald Brinton born?

Reginald Brinton was born in 1869.

What is the birth name of Reginald Lyons?

Reginald Lyons's birth name is Lyons, Reginald Edgar.