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Its Waluigi.

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The governor.

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Q: Who is second in command of the NC executive branch?
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What are the jobs of the executive branch of NC?

i don't know I'm tying to figure it out

Who is the head of the executive branch in North Carolina?

The Executive Branch of North Carolina consists of the Governor, his cabinet, and Executive Branch agencies. The current Governor is Pat McCrory.

What are the three branches of government as defined by the constitution?

The Constitution sets out three branches of government; Executive Branch (Lead by the president), the Legislative Branch (Lead by congress) and the Judicial Branch (Lead by the Supreme Court).

Where is the Food Lion executive office located?

The Food Lion executive office is located in Salisbury, NC. There physical address is as follows: 2110 Executive Dr., Salisbury, NC, 28147. There mailing address is Food Lion LLC, 2110 Executive Drive, P.O. Box 1330, Salisbury, NC 28145-1330.

What is the second oldest town in NC?

New Bern is the second oldest town in NC.

What is NC legislative branch called?

general assembly

What is another name for NC Legislative Branch?


Brbtus33 which bank swift code is this?

Branch banking and trust of nc

What is the nc legislature called?

general assembly

Where is the Fort Branch Site in Hamilton North Carolina located?

The address of the Fort Branch Site is: Historic Pl, Hamilton, NC 27892

What is the driving distance between Spring Branch TX and Jacksonville NC?

About 1450 miles

Where are the Asheville Savings Banks located in the South?

"Asheville Savings bank operations center is located at 901 Smoky Park Highway STE 25 Candler, NC 28715. The commercial lendings building is located at 11 Church St., Asheville, NC 28801. The downtown Asheville branch is at 11 Church St., Asheville, NC 28801. The Black Mountain branch is at 300 West State St., Black Mountain, NC 28711. the Mars Hill branch is at 105 North Main St., Mars Hill, NC 28754. There are many more."